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metal sculpture

How It Works

The 3 Basic Steps are:
 - Design Collaboration
 - Fabrication
 - Delivery

Design Collaboration

  First, we want to get a sense of your project. The easiest way to start is to tell us about your idea. If you have a drawing or photo, send it to us. Anything from a napkin sketch to a complete cad file is helpful at this stage.


  We'll discuss your ideas, your goals, and your timeline for the project.


We'll get you a price for the project and once approved, we move to the next stage, Fabrication.

Design Client project factory_edited.jpg
wood and metal part fabrication.jpg


  At this stage, the build starts to become real.  We'll acquire the materials, start the fabrication, assemble the parts, and manage the project throughout this stage. 

  The amount of time needed correlates with the complexity of the project and our schedule.  When the fabrication is complete, we move to the next stage


  The project has been built, now we need to get it to you.  Some projects can be picked up, other projects may need to be shipped or installed.  

  In the initial proposal, we'll discuss the details of this stage so we can plan accordingly

wood fabricated box.jpg
kinetic desk sculpture delivered.jpg

What's your Project Idea?

Fill out the form, email, or give us a call.

5008 W 96th St

Indianapolis, IN 46268

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