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  The Project Factory LLC is a custom fabrication studio that was started to be a resource for those who need unique projects built. 

  It can be difficult to find a company that is capable of working with multiple types of materials effectively.

  At the Project Factory, we love blending materials to create interesting projects that stand out and get noticed.


  Whether it’s a multi-piece project or a one-off, the Project Factory can help bring your project ideas to life. 

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The Shop

  The Project Factory is equipped with a metal and machine shop, a full wood shop, and various specialty equipment to handle a wide variety of custom fabrication.


  We utilize modern cnc machines as well as traditional tools to ensure that the items we produce are of the highest quality.  Below is a small sample of the types of items we can create.

wood shop cnc.jpg

Statement Pieces
Unique Signage
Machined Parts

Kinetic Pieces

Parts: short to medium run

Outdoor Pieces

Wall Pieces


Suspended Pieces

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